Prescient is an evidence-based decision-support partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries whose mission is to optimally shape new product, brand and mature product planning strategies.

Our diverse yet integrated skillsets and methodologies ensure our clients’ key decisions are objectively assessed from both a clinical and commercial perspective, resulting in differentiated products and offerings.


Shaping Decisions Driving Value

Our People

Prescient’s team consists of highly experienced executives who share our core values of thinking collaboratively, creatively and constructively. We effectively integrate different skills and perspectives into a single client-engagement team.

Our Approach

The format and scope of our engagements are customized to meet our clients’ needs and our ‘best-in-front’ team philosophy ensures access to the necessary levels of expertise and thinking.

Our Clients

We engage directly with a number of functions supporting new product, brand and mature product planning activities; to view a full list of these, please click the
link below.

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